Saturday, November 12, 2005

Oola in Dreamland

I was sleeping safe and sound in my apartment when I noticed I was glowing. Then I realised I was a 5 inch mini of me standing on top of me.It took me a while to realise I was a dream. I foud out I could just pop into people's dreams like I took myself on a little dream -sightseeing, and first one I saw was Anakin sleeping. I jumped into his dream and there it was:

I decided tyo leave that dream alone for now, plus anakin seemed to be enjoying that dream.
Next was padme. I hopped on in and you wouldn't belive what I saw!:

I couln't help but stare. they were dreaming about each other...wonder what that means...
Next was yoda's dream:

He was talking with her and pigging out on a tub of ben & jerry's. I think i'll go to qui gons next:

Umm... no comment... next was aayla:

Ohhh.. her and her fantasizing. I did see obi wan's ,but I didn't really want to know what he dreamt of, so I went back to my own:

OOOHHH MY GOSH! that helmet....he was at the palace when I died! he saw me die!AGH! why in the he....whoa...he's so...*wakes up* OMG! I DON'T EVER WANNA GO TO ANYONES DREAM AGAIN bad....(those eyes.......)