Sunday, August 28, 2005

Trip to the Hawaii system day 5

it took us 3 days to get there,then when we got there,we got wrecked! well so far we've set up a hut made of trees, salvaged furniture from the crash,and I have now realised that I have really great hunting skills.The chef from the ship served sushi and wouldn't tell me what that was...i hope its not raw seafood because im allergic to that.I wonder why my cheeks are so puff...damn! I am soooooo firing that chef!Dow imb tawkin bweird!!


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Oola Dancer.

I am going to Hawaii! It's gonna be an adventure! I will keep you updated on how the little island adventure is going! Yay! It is going to be soooooo fun! I even bought a grass skirt,cocunut bra,and a flower headband! yay!!!well,I got to go catch a air-taxi,don't want to be late!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Spanish Classes.

I am taking spanish class!!! I here this so called "Spain" is somewhere in the Milky Way system. well then,lets see if you can figure out what I am saying:

¡Hola cada uno! ¡Te quiero todo y yo amamos el ser un extranjero porque usted puede caer en amor con cualquier raza que usted desee y no ser puesto en ridículo! ¡La clase I de señor semejante Maul, porque él es clase de lindo, usted sabe, como, él actúa todo el mal y la materia, de que es tan linda justo! ¡El pozo I consiguió ir! ¡Adiós!

haha! I bet most of you dont!!! haha!!! I got to go, today we are learning to say bad stuff about people!


Tuesday, August 16, 2005


This is *yarp* what I wore*belch*Im hot*hiccup*
Whoaaaaa.....*hurls* yeck....ugghhh.....*spinning in circles* well that *hiccup* was a fun *hiccup* party! Padme *barfs* is a *hiccup* great *hurls again* hostess! *hiccup* yay *belch* that's not me *hiccup* I just wore *hiccup* that dress


Friday, August 12, 2005

Teh Rockerz..Jedi Day

Are Jedi allowed to form and alternative rock band???I hope so cause' these guys did.Huh..wha..They do rock...I will go to the concert...I will buy the cd.......huh...what happened...Why do I have Alderaanian Idiot in my hands..and why do I have a "Jedi day,world tour",T-shirt on???Wait a minite...these songs have jedi mind tricks in them.....well..they still rock..Here are my favourite songs:

Boulevard of broken droids
Jedi of suburbia
Death of St Maul
and last but not least... My Son's a rebel.
wanna see the cd??? go here

Weeeee....Why do I have this???


Listen to the songs,but don't listen to hard....

Disclaimer: Green day does not belong to me..(I wish they did) And neither do these jedi..(awwwww...) Thank you Greivous and Dooku.You guys are photoshop heros..err..I mean villans.

Rockin out,

Gallery 5:SW:U pick: Just Padme

Padmes gallery is done! Here ya go...Disclamer :I DID NOT DRAW THESE PICTURES!!!!!!

I envy her beauty..wait..uhh,siri? what did you say...

Dont screw with padme

Why so glum???

Love the dress,padders

Throne room dress

Pad's family tree..what??? Ani and Padme...O.o

Purdy Picnic Dress Padme

What is SHE so happy about??

Geonosis Padme

She's litterally a doll.. That's all for now...sooooo sleepy....zzzzzzz


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gallery 4:SW:U pick:Anakin Skywalker.

This is the name I picked:Anakin Skywalker..Ill do a gallery of padme,too..later...not now...well,here ya go.I had to reduce the pic count to ten instead of fifteen,since good pics are sooo hard to find...

An Intro...the gallery

Ani Sketch


Awwww...*girlie squee*

wot a cyoot widdle boy!! wait..never mind..

Hes on teh fiyah

Ani epi three


Wat r th3y t1kn b0ut?

I can look in to the past,and see into the future...

Next..Padme gallery...


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

In honor of yoda's 100th post....

In honor of yoda's 100 post,I've done what I do best,and put together a gallery dedicated to yoda!!! So,enjoy!

He looks pretty resentful..or is it bloating..

Someone crayoned yoda!!

Uh oh...

A nice profile,don't cha think??

Smite you down,he will.

Clonie warz yoderz

A beatifully done drawing of yoda during the clone wars.

He hasn't seen the movie YET???

This certain jedi master gonna whup your @$$!!!lol!

That's all! also,I will be making a gallery of one of the sw:u writers...Im gonna close mah eyes and whoever I point at..that will be the 15 pic gallery I will do!!!Expect it tomarrow!!


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Truth(gallery 3)

Obi and his man-skirts.....Im not coming to the Halloween party this year.

the real fight.

looks like greivous has been drinking..a lot...

Credit to : Reich,Kyla79,ans Saylem.

Tootles, Oola

Saturday, August 06, 2005

And You thought Palps being a perv was bad.

Anakin thought palps being a queer pervert was bad (See siri's diary for my refs.) You should see how the deviantart artist are.

so dont go here


Friday, August 05, 2005

Good Karma

Walking the streets of coruscant,freaking people out (cause' I am a ghost) always comes back to haunt me.It's a little thing called bad karma.So I decided I would try good karma.I gave 1000 credits to the humane society,and a week later,I won 3000 in a sweepstakes.I rescued a cat from the side of the road on Tattooine,and the cat turned out to be the cat of Lot Amonie,the resident billionare,and the reward for the cat was 10000 creds.See,it worked. I feel great!Doing good is kind of relaxing.I mean,I feel great after doing it,so this is my new calling,along with pic-posting.That reminds me...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I can't stop! (I love these!!)

Thes are some of my favorite pics on
you also should see what this girl can do!!!
warning :above link might be offensive to people who are under 13. you know why????shirtless jedi!duh!!!(and a pirate,as well *winks*)

Thats for calling me ugly,Shaak.

Darth maul at 10 years old

*sobs* Comfort from a fatherly master...(Im such a sap)

Carry Mace at ALL times!!!

Chibi Qui

Chibi Obi

Chibi Ani.


Poor Qui...such a caring apprentice.too bad he's in to beer and cheetos now.

more to come!!!! And don't you dare say that's not you!coz I know it's you!!!
Edit 1:I added more!!!!! Edit 2:and credit to the artistEdit 3:Captions!!!

from sw:u

Odd Pictures.

I don't know how in the world I got these pictures,but somehow I came across them in my reasearch.You might get offended:

And how in the WORLD did she get this???

The rest are not so offensive:


I just thought you should know that your pictures are being posted all over the free web!!so don't get mad at me,k?

If I didn't include you and you want me to,then I will,k?


How did the artist know how you all look??

Brownie Fat.

Okay,so I go to some of my friends to ask them a question,how are qui gons brownies? They said they were the greatest things in the world,so I try one,and another,and another,and another.....(12 hours later) and another,and another,and another.suddenly,I look down,and I have a 147 waist! Im soooo humiliated! It's all Qui Gon's fault!!!!!If he didn't make the world's best brownies!!!By the way,im back to my 35 waist.Twi'lek's are also known for there rapid weight loss.So,sorry qui.(can you make me some more????)I didn't say a thing,so bye.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Dance.

Have you ever heard the song,"1,2 step"? Well,Some weirdo has requested me to dance to this song at his daughters birthday party!!I usually get gigs at casinos and night clubs,but this girl is turning 7!!!I don't know any kid-friendly dances! I mean,look at the picture from my fall brochure ! (above post) I mean,my word! what was this guy smoking when he invited me to dance at a 7 year olds birthday party! I think the loon's name was,Bubba the Hutt......OMG! That's Jabba's redneck brother! there is no way I am going to that party!Good bye!

Furiously Yours,

Monday, August 01, 2005


Hello. I am Oola,Jabba's FAVORITE Twi'lek dancer! If you know Jabba, then you know he is a big,fat,boogerhead!Anyway,Twi'leks are the most graceful,beautiful creatures in the entire universe!They are Much prettier then those repulsive humans.I've even heard it with my own tentacles,there is nothing more graceful than a female Twi'lek in motion!Im glad you came to my blog! You would be a mere nobody if you didn't,but you wouldn't know tht if you didn't come because you would not have viewed my blog! anyway I hope you enjoy my blog! I'll try to update it regularly.